Just printed boarding passes and paid for checked bag online. Hope flight with #dearbaby isn’t wretched.

//search.twitter.com/search?q=%23dearbaby” onclick=”pageTracker._setCustomVar(2, ‘result_type’, ‘recent’, 3);pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/intra/hashtag/#dearbaby’);”>#dearbaby and I are signed up for toddler group “school” at Bellevue College, and can’t wait to start!! Both of us will learn.

just dropped #dearbaby off at baby school. She was fine but i’m bummed.

//search.twitter.com/search?q=%23dearbaby” onclick=”pageTracker._setCustomVar(2, ‘result_type’, ‘recent’, 3);pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/intra/hashtag/#dearbaby’);”>#dearbaby first birthday photo shoot with @klloydphoto. I can’t wait to see the results!!

//search.twitter.com/search?q=%23dearbaby” onclick=”pageTracker._setCustomVar(2, ‘result_type’, ‘recent’, 3);pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/intra/hashtag/#dearbaby’);”>#dearbaby finally takes a nap longer than 45 minutes! And she slept 12 hours straight last night. Related??

#dearbaby brunch menu: ripe apricot, green grapes, Kix cereal, carrots, Puffs (baby junk food). Ran out of blueberries.

Carrots and peppers cooking for #dearbaby because she devoured second box of blueberries. Quiet productive morning. Lovely.


Kindle arrived and #dearbaby slept through the night for the first time in months!

#dearbaby does NOT like hypoallergenic formula, even when mixed 3:1 with her real milk. Sigh.

#dearbaby has her own set of keys now - no more stealing Mama’s: http://bit.ly/9qgGh7

#dearbaby well into hour 3 of nap. Does that bode well or ill for tonight? Nobody knows.

#dearbaby menu: vitamin-spiked applesauce, halved blueberries, cucumber, mango

#dearbaby menu today: boiled egg yolk, fresh mango, pan con tomate, cheerios

june 24

It was a gorgeous sunny day in Seattle today, and we went over to a lovely waterfront park in Seattle for a walk with our friends Jenna and Ella.  Trillian and Ella were more interactive today - babbling at each other, “sharing” toys and even holding hands - too cute!

Sleep has been a challenge for the past month or so - lots of night waking, but at least she goes back to sleep easily.  Her new preference is to sleep only in our bed.  We’re enjoying the snuggles for now.

Cute things she’s doing:  lots of sounds - mostly ‘da da’ and ‘ba ba’, “kisses” with big open mouth, the ever popular game “beanbag on baby’s head!”, entertaining herself for 30 min or more with her toys, shrieking happily when either dog walks by, and eating lots of things with gusto.